Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Benefits of a Family Dentist

Family dentists see all ages – from toddlers and children, to teenagers and adults. Their focus is long-term patient care. And, seeing a family dentist for regular check-ups offers more security and convenience; the entire family's dental health is being cared for by someone they can trust.

Long-term Care

Getting to know your family dentist and establishing a relationship built on trust, is a significant benefit to all parties. Patients are more likely to confide in someone they have known for a long time, who has guided them through their dental care. Such a relationship also permits the dentist to observe their patients development, get to know problem areas, and address issues appropriately. A family dentist is concerned with long-term preventative healthcare, and this starts with the doctor's understanding of the family history.

Establishing Good Habits
A dentist for the whole family!

A family dentist can help parents educate their children on good brushing habits. Most family dentists today are skilled in communicating with children and making their visits to the dentist relaxed and positive experiences. The family dentist is able to monitor the growth of teeth, and can catch problems at an early stage. Early intervention impacts restorative care for everyone, particularly as early detection minimizes any subsequent need for extensive treatment.

A Trusted Relationship

A family dentist is able to prepare their patients for long-term dental health with best practices and procedures. Many adult phobias of dental care are a result of a traumatic or anxiety-ridden childhood experience. Family dentists aim to relieve patients of their fears by offering a wide range of preventative treatments, such as fluoride and sealant applications. 


As the family becomes familiar with the practice, so the practice becomes familiar with the family. Many practices, such as DFW Absolute Dental, enjoy customizing their patients' experiences so as to provide the best in dental care. Patients get what they need from people they trust, and at a time that is convenient to them. Treating the whole family helps parents manage routine visits and accommodate for busy schedules. Greater convenience equals less stress!
To find out more about the benefits of a family dentist, contact DFW Absolute Dental for a consultation today. We look forward to serving you!

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